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Currently booked for all of 2023 & 2024

Weddings and formal events

Together, let's tell a story that you will never forget...

"A story so impactful, so beautiful, that you'll experience the same smiles, the same tears, and the same happiness you felt that day..."

Today, is the start of something epic...

Let's get started

What makes a wedding video great?

The Story

Your day is a story, like chapters in a good book. I put hyper-focus on assembling an articulate timeline that tells your story of love in such a way that's fluid, memorable, and  most importantly, how YOU remember it.

The Emotion

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. My mission is to create a product that helps you relive every memory. I strive to capture impactful moments; The smiles, the tears, the moments you'll never forget.

The Editing

Editing is my passion, and my style is what separates me from the rest. As a perfectionist I will not stop until the final product  exceeds any and all expectations. I use advanced software to assemble, edit, and color grade your masterpiece.

The Quality

Quality is what brings it all together. I have invested heavily in industry-leading equipment; A Sony A7 Mirrorless camera with a 24-240 lens, Ronan 2 stabilizer, Mavic Pro 2 drone, Final Cut Pro, and Motion Effects, all edited on a  sup'd up duel Mac setup.

Why Me?

I will 100 % have your video done within a month of your wedding, sometimes as little as one week. Editing is my drug, once start I cannot stop. Luckily for you, that means you will get your video in a more-than-reasonable time frame and about 1-2 months sooner than industry average.

I am a perfectionist, and I love editing. Which means this "work" is not work for me. I truly enjoy making art in the form of video. I will not stop until I am satisfied and the video is exceptional. I have an unrelated full time job, video is my escape. I do it because it is truly my passion. 

I have invested in and mastered  some of the best equipment money can buy. Proper gear brings an immense level of quality to the final product and truly feels like you are watching a cinematic movie. Added with the knowledge and skill of advanced editing software, you're  going to see a masterpiece you can look back on for the rest of your lives. 

Although I, and many of my followers, feel my work is equal-to/better than industry average, I am still new to the wedding world. With that being said my prices will reflect as such. Now more than ever is the time to book as you can get multi-thousand dollar video for an ultra affordable price. 

My Portfolio

An important part for any videographer is their portfolio. I take great pride in the personal and professional videos I have created. I invite you to view my work from day one to see where I started, and more importantly where I am today. As much as I want to be hired, It is imperative that I am the right match for you.



Anchor 1


0 - Four to Five minute highlight real

- 1 re-edit upon request

- 6 week or less completion

- 4 Hour Coverage

- Ceremony raw video share

- 1080p Format



- Six to Seven minute highlight real

- 30 second teaser within one week

- Ceremony/Toasts raw video share

- 2 re-edits upon request

- Full day of recording (getting ready, ceremony, reception) 

- 4K drone footage

- 4 week or less completion

- 4K Format




 - Seven to Eight minute video

- 60 second trailer within 48 hours

- Vows/ceremony/First Dances/Toasts/Cake raw video share

- 3 re-edits upon request

- Full day of recording (getting ready, ceremony, reception)

- 4 week or less completion

- 4K drone footage

- Un-used footage file share upon request

- 4K Format



The Power of a shorter video

You'll notice my video packages do not exceed 8 minutes, here's why. We can agree an old school 30+ minute wedding video captures EVERY aspect of the event, but down the road you find yourself skipping around to the "good parts" instead of watching start to finish. Especially later in life, you want to see the highlights rather than those 10-minute long tripod speeches.


I focus on capturing the most beautiful aspects of your day, ALL of the best parts, and then meticulously editing and stitching them together in such a way that will grab and keep the attention of every person that sees it. It's a shareable movie-style highlight reel that will have you, your friends, and family watching for years to come. 8 minutes sounds short, but I promise you will be blown away.


Both videos below are the Pro package and fall around 8 minutes.  


Let's go one step further

Talk it over with your partner, in depth, and only book if it feels right.  Use the form to ask any questions. No payment is required today. You may fill out the form with what package you are interested in and the date of your wedding.

After we verify dates, talk about what works best for you, and sign the contract, there will be a $200 deposit fully refundable if cancelled 90+ days before your wedding. You are  even able to change your package chosen up to 3 days before free of charge in case your budget shrinks or expands.  I look forward to chatting with you!


Thanks for submitting!

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