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VIDEO (Beta)


After a few years of making travel videos, then wedding videos, I now tried my hand at making music videos for local talent..  

A good video can deliver a powerful message. The great thing is, so can a song. When you add the two together we can create something truly impactful.  

That' s where I come in. I am the visual bridge between your message and your audience. 

Making a music video great...


As a lifelong member of the Hudson Valley and avid explorer, I can provide multiple local places to help you get the scenes and mood you are searching for.


Your music tells a story. I am here to help you tell it. Together we can come up with a visual experience that can close the space between you and your audience.


The quality of a video can help you establish a brand. I use industry-leading equipment to ensure crisp footage, and advanced  software to bring it all together. 


Beyond my well-known creative ideas and transitions, I have experience in special effects and camera movements to make your video memorable.


I have only made one promo video and one full music video. A lot of this is still uncharted territory, which only fuels my desire to perfect the art. Now more than ever is the time to take full advantage at highly discounted prices. See portfolio HERE



A 45-second or less promo video that can be used for pre-album release, advertisement, or as content for website or social media.

- Negotiable price depending on final time

- Two re-edits upon request

- Full rights to share video

- 4K Quality Video

- Drone footage optional

-  Free consultation

$300 - $400


A full-length music video up to four minutes long. Audio overlay/lip sync only.

- Three re-edits upon request

-Full rights to share video

- Up to 3 separate video shoots

- 4K video Quality

- Drone footage optional

- Free consultation





I understand that you put everything you got into your music, and that it is important to produce a video that lives up to the quality and message of your song. 

Please feel free to fill out the form and we can chat via phone or email. You can tell me any ideas you have or scenes you want to do and I can help build on that idea, offer input, and tell you if it's even possible. 

Together we can create something epic.

Thanks for submitting!

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