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Or just don't know how or where to start?

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That Website Guy Ty

Hudson Valley Small Business Website Creation

I am here to fix a common problem. You  spent a ton of time developing your business, product, idea, etc just to hit the wall of "now I need a website."  Whether it be just a lack of time or knowledge, I can help create a desktop/mobile friendly site that is optimized for search engines, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use for both you and your visitors. 











1: I offer website creation for small to mid-size businesses only. 10-page websites or less. To put into perspective, my website is 6 pages and offers information, photos, videos, social links, contact forms, and payment processing. Simply a bridge between my services and my clients. I am here to help you accomplish the same mission as this site.


2: I will not be building your website from scratch using HTML or coding. I will be using either Wix, Shopify, or Wordpres web creators (your choice). They are moderately easy to use but very advanced, there is definitely a learning curve but the biggest obstacle is time. This 6-page site was built via Wix and took about 30 hours to assemble from a blank template, and that's with knowing exactly what I am doing.  Honestly, with time anybody can learn how to use a website editor. My services are to enable you to focus on your business rather than sitting at a computer for 30 hours trying to format vectors.

3: I know what you're thinking, why would I pay someone to just use an editor? Two reasons, time and money. Starting from scratch with coding takes an expert, and experts are specialized and extremely expensive; They can charge upwards of $500/month just to maintain the site. The site will also take months to develop from code. I have put together some pro's and con's of each method so you can see for yourself.

Website Builder

Pro' s

Extremely responsive

Easy to edit

Low build time; Cheaper

Internally updates itself

Easily transferable

Easy to manage

Secure payment processing

More immune to cyber-threats

Domain/host all-in-one 


Lacks some advanced tools

Takes commission on sales

Some creative restrictions

Higher monthly subscription

Size/memory restrictions


Pro' s

Extremely customizable

Possibilities are endless

No monthly subscription

Site size can be endless

Enterprise/industrial uses

No commissions on sales


Advanced knowledge needed

Extended build time

Coders are expensive to hire

Hard to edit

Constant updates needed

susceptible to cyber-threats

Needs host

High monthly cost from coder

My Sites

Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 12.44.09

A site I created from scratch in college to help spread the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. This 65-page site shows up first for 138 Ultimate-related search results in Google and consistently gets thousands of views per day for over half a decade. I monetized the site to generate myself another income stream that helps support the continuation and self-sustainably of The Ultimate HQ.

Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 9.19.35 PM.png

Built with Shopify, this is a complete storefront for my custom products. I designed the entire site, created all of the videos, and took all of the quality photos. In addition, I create ads to drive traffic to my site which have proven to be highly successful. 


The site you are on right now was also created with the WIX editor. It utilizes many of the main features the editor offers; Responsiveness, contact forms, mobile friendly, email automation, etc. Feel free to look around my site to help gather some ideas. I can recreate something very similar for your product or business. 

Affordable - Honest


Website design is often insanely expensive. It's usually multiple thousands of dollars to create one site, and then they hit you with another $500/month to "maintain" it. 


Nope, not here. Let's break it down. 

Base Price

Hosting - $27/month

- Unlimited Bandwidth

- 35 GB Storage

- 10 Video Hours

- Google Analytics

- Social Links


Domain - $1.25/month


Site Creation

$100 per page created

- 5 Re-edits Per Page 

- Logo Creation

- Desktop/mobile friendly

- Fluid Design

$20/month Maintenance

- Unlimited re-edits

- Content addition and changes

- Site updates

- Available 24 hours

- Page addition ($100/each)


Sever ties and buy complete ownership of site for $395


For Example

This site,, has 6 pages. For a site similar to this one would cost:

6 Pages at $100/page: $600+tax one time

Hosting/Domain/Maintenance: $48.25/month+tax


6 Pages at $100/page: $600+tax one time

Hosting/Domain: $28.25/month+tax

Take complete ownership of site: $395 one time payment


If you would like to take web creation into your own hands I am still happy to help.


I can walk you through and explain some of the more basic or advanced features of online editors. I will help you set up an account and assist in laying the foundation to a successful site. I can also help with SEO,  payment processing, or setting up an online store. I am here to assist you at making the best site at the most affordable price for your business. 

First hour is free!



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