Local Digital Marketing

Specialized in NY, Able to assist anywhere in the US

I am a full-time Digital Marketing Specialist at Hibü, a cutting edge marketing firm who is the only company with top-tier partnerships with Google, Facebook, and many other major search engines. I have helped countless businesses increase their search rankings, customers, and overall profits through a unique approach of internet marketing that stretches your dollar further and your reach wider. 


The world has shifted to being online, it is said the pandemic fast-forwarded us 5 years into the future with how fast brick-and-morter had to transition online to satisfy customers.  Please reach out to chat about all the ways we can make your online presence the best for your business. 

Search Engine Marketing

Improve placement on major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Search Engine Optimization

Improve search engine rankings and drive relevant traffic to your site organically. 

Social Marketing

Targeting capabilities to reach the right audience on Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Local Listings

We can help you show up higher on Google in your local market when your type of product/service is being searched for. 

Online Display

Retargeting so visitors continue to see your message, most importantly when they are most ready to buy. 

Custom Website Solutions

Mobile friendly and responsive website - Secure - Reviews -Reputation Management - Listings Management

Being that this is not an official Hibü-branded website I cannot delve in deeper. However, if you fill out the form below or call me directly I would be happy to tell you more about what we do and how we can help you get the best online presence possible. Visit our official site: https://hibu.com


Let's set up a personalized appointment, set up a webinar to learn more, or a phone call just to chat about how I can help. 

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