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My Legacy

My videos are a piece of me, I take pride in each and every one I create. Below are some recent examples of my work. You'll notice that I am willing to try anything, what started with travel videos became wedding videos, college-recruiting videos, interviews, car shows, and more. 

Using top of the line equipment and a true passion for videography, I create from the heart. I am so excited for you to view my work, enjoy!

From the beginning...

We all start somewhere, right? For me, it was with a GoPro and some free editing software in 2018. I invite you to view my progress from the beginning. Every video has been a tremendous learning experience, and every one shows a significant increase in creativity, quality, and cinematography.  My passion is fueled by the constant learning curve and infinite possibilities of filmmaking.  You'll find that every video is exponentially higher quality than the previous. As my equipment and skill increases so does my passion for perfection.


My videos are in order from newest to oldest. Thank you SO much for watching them. Enjoy!

May 2020

Sony A7 Mirrorless, GoProp Hero 7 Black, Final Cut Pro X, Motions Effects, DJI Ronan Stabilizer, Osmo 2, Mavic Pro 2 

This video has got it all; Ultra-creative transitions, cinematic scenes, epic drone footage, and more. This was my first attempt to focus more on sounds than music. I use countless light flares, special effects, scenes, and sounds to portray the beautiful state of New York. 

April 2020

Sony A7 Mirrorless, Final Cut Pro X, DJI Ronan Stabilizer, Mavic Pro 2 Drone

My first attempt a music video, and a 180 degree turn from my typical travel and wedding videos. Challenge accepted. This time, I had to portray a serious and bad-ass vibe without making it corny. I did this with high-quality close ups, creative timeline, quick transitios, beat vibrations, and some "power shots" to really bring it all together.

December 2019

Sony A7 ll Mirrorless, GoPro Hero 7 Black, Final Cut Pro X, Mavic Pro 2 Drone

My mom is a constant supporter in everything I do from day 1, so for Christmas I surprised her with a special video. The goal? Capture the audience and tell an emotional story using artistic and creative footage. This was my first time using custom music, sound effects, and voice over to help stimulate emotion. Only for the best mom, ever.

August 2019

Sony A7 ll Mirrorless, Final Cut Pro X, Ronan 2 Stabilizer, Mavic Pro 2 Drone

A quantum leap. A professional camera and stabilizer added industry-leading picture quality. Advanced editing software not only started my learning curve again, but added next-level transitions and effects. Color grading and lighting are introduced for a first for me. Mastered story telling and building an emotional story at this point.

April 2019

Gopro Hero 7 Silver, iPhone 7, iMovie, iPad, Osmo 2, Mavic Pro 2 Drone

I met Rose and Trent in Belize (my first video). My Texas friends laid dormant silently following me on Instagram for over a year. After seeing my Galapagos video they offered me the incredible opportunity to film their wedding. They wanted my "unique style," so I put everything I had into filming their one-day wedding. Increase my ability to tell a story and to capture meaningful shots.   

March 2019

Gopro Hero 7 Silver, iPhone 7, iPad, iMovie, Osmo 2 Gimbal

Another significant increase in transition fluidity as I mastered camera movements. New stabilization squashed shaky footage and added more advanced movements. Transitions capture the audience so a lot of focus was put into clever, fluid, and planned transitions. Became a master of iMovie. Overwhelming feedback from my followers led to a much bigger project.

January 2019

Gopro Hero 6 Silver, iPhone 7, iPad, iMovie

An exponential increase in every aspect of filmmaking. Here, I learned how to tell a story, how to attract an audience, and make something that people remember. New 4K equipment increased video quality two-fold. Experience with camera movements and iMovie helped me create some fluid transitions. Overall, a solid video I am still proud of. 

August 2018

Gopro Session 1, iPhone 7, iPad, iMovie, Mavic Pro Drone

A massive increase in skill across all levels. This was my first time telling a story with meaning. Since I was in my hometown I was able to capture specific footage to what I needed, which helped for some easy transitions. This video had quadruple the amount of footage from previous videos. Placement of scenes were key, as were speed to keep video short and interesting. Also really improved my drone game as about half of this is drone footage. 

April 2018

Gropro Session 1, iPhone 7, Ipad, iMovie, DJI Phantom 3 Drone

Focused more on clever transitions using camera movements. Also slightly improved quality of video, fluidity, and lighting of shots. This time I knew mostly how to use iMovie so I started to delve into new effects and transitions. The feedback from this video and Belize was overwhelmingly positive, plus I have a blast capturing footage and editing. Could something more come of this new hobby?

March 2018

Gopro Session 1, iPhone 7, iMovie

My first video. Focused on capturing the action of travel and not knowing a single thing about videography I went to Belize. I uploaded my footage into iMovie and taught myself how to use it. Through trial and error I created what I thought at the time was a masterpiece. I was traveling to Mexico in a month and I started planning my next ideas.

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