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The Beginning.

​Hello! Welcome to my site, my name is Tyler but most refer to me as "that drone guy," mostly because I have been a drone enthusiast since their inception, and I post A LOT of drone content. Before my drone days I went to college to pursue marketing. There I learned web design, SEO, and how to create content that matters. Instead of going to bars like most college kids I put that money to better use, I created a sports website from scratch that gets thousands of views still to this day. Anything creative has always been intriguing to me  However, upon graduation I fell into the grind of corporate America and my website along with other things I love fell to the back burner. 


I am beyond excited you are on my website as this has been an idea in the back of my head every single day since college 5 years ago. It all started with a spontaneous drone purchase in 2014. I have always been an avid hiker and adventure, so I justified buying a amateur drone to start capturing my adventures.  I instantly fell in love with the tech and the content I could create. It wasn't long before friends and family started asking "when are you posting the next drone video?" and "when's the next hike?" This only fueled my new found passion. Upgrade after upgrade, flight after flight, I found myself getting closer to my dream of working in the drone videography industry.



It all started when I met a couple Trent and Rose.  I met them on a trip to Belize and they had been dating for a few months, we got along great, they followed me on Instagram, and that was it. I posted travel video after travel video as I explored the world. People started asking "why don't you do weddings, your videos are phenomenal" and I always responded "I really want to, but I don't feel comfortable being solely responsible for the video of someones special day." Fast forward a year; Trent reached out to me praising my recently published Thailand and Galapagos video and offered to fly me out to Texas to shoot his wedding. In complete amazement I politely told him NO, that I didn't want to mess up something so important. Trent insisted and said that him and Rose trusts that I will do great, and that they prefer me over anyone else. So, wielding nothing but a GoPro, a drone, a stabilizer, and iMovie on an old  iPad I flew to Texas to create them a video in my own unique style. Trent, Rose, their family, friends, and all my followers exploded with positive feedback. Countless people insisted I should quit my job and do this as a career. The video even landed me another wedding deal. I made the life decision to invest in myself, I went out and bought a top-of-the-line camera, a real stabilizer, a better drone, and I downloaded advanced video-editing software to pursue my new found passion for wedding videography. My second wedding video, Lindsey and Tony, filmed with my new professional equipment, has landed me four more weddings. I can't believe it. A passion coming to fruition. Thank you Trent and Rose again, you believed in me more than I did.  


If you'd like, you may view my step-by-step improvement on my Timeline of Videos.

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